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This may sound odd coming from me, but I’m excited that the original team of Ghost Hunters is back on television.  They don’t seem to understand the scientific method, their show is basically built on a foundation of logical fallacy, but they seem like okay dudes.  I watch Ghost Hunters for very different reasons now than when I started, but I still enjoy watching people stumble around in the dark with electronics. 

Ghost Hunters International is okay, but it lacks the natural cohesion of Jay & Grant’s original team.  Maybe cohesion is the wrong word.  Chemistry might be better.  In the first seasons the team really wasn’t all that cohesive.  In some ways that was kind of better.  The almost constant bickering filled the gaps when they were busy not finding ghosts. 

If I could change anything about Ghost Hunters, now that the interest is winding down, it would be to introduce a real skeptic to the show.  I bet that would really shake things up.  I don’t mean a token skeptic like you get on shows about Nostradamus either.  It needs to be a real, scientifically trained, person capable of debating the evidence into the ground.  That would be fun to watch.