498 Verbal Contract.


Looks like I’ll be in Garden on Tuesday.  It’s dentist related, so I don’t know what kind of visit it’s gonna be.  Hopefully I’ll be able to see some of you at the usual places. 

In my search for Phoenix Wright 2 I ran across a copy of Spectral Souls for the PSP.  It was used, and super cheap, but I noticed it was a tactical RPG.  I didn’t get it, but I made note of it.  Later on I looked it up and found out about why it was so cheap, and so used.  Apparently it’s incredibly good, but plagued with load times so insane as to make it nearly intolerable.  The price was right though, and I went back a week or so later and picked it up.  Just as the reviews said the load times are crippling.  The game itself really does have some unique ideas for its type, it’s a shame the execution is so poor.  In any case I’ll probably come back to it when all other avenues for fun are exhausted.