977 Pretty.


I haven’t seen The Dark Knight Rises, but I have heard Kevin Smith describe it in great detail, so I think I can safely say that it’s probably not goingt to wow me when I see it. This is in no way important. I just had a need to type those words for some reason…

I preordered Yotsuba #11 a long time ago, because I had some credit remaining at Amazon. Long enough ago that I forgot I had done it. When it showed up it was like a present from past me to now me. I like past me because he knows what I like, and cares about my needs. Past me would probably be a tender, caring, lover… If only there was a way to find out.

A long time ago I wanted green Play-Doh, because there never was any around when I had it. Well I made that dream happen. I have more green Play-Doh than I need. I even combined two containers to make a huge brick of it. I keep it in a Japanese bento container. On the top of this container are these words inscribed:

Look at this, what are fine day!
So why don’t we go on a picnic?

I like that the second sentance is declarative, but sounds interogative.

Panda poop can be made into paper. That’ll be a fun fact for you to share at work.