1783 The Worst.


Carol can’t help twisting the knife a little.

Someone commented that they sort of expected me to talk about Final Fantasy: Crisis Core because of the title of the last page. I barely played it. It’s one of a long list of games that make it really difficult for me to keep playing because of limited time quests and busywork. I just don’t have the time or inclination to micromanage sidequests that may, or may not, lead to the best weapons, or whatever, in a game. Crisis Core was a warning sign for the end of being able to enjoy Final Fantasy games. Nostalgia made me play longer than 13, but I still couldn’t stay invested. I used to use cheating devices to offset problems like this in games by speeding up grinding and stuff, but that’s just not an option anymore. I don’t have the coding skills required to make it work like I could with gamesharks.
I really miss gamesharks and their equivalents. They could take shitty, broken, games and make them playable.
I used to have a gameshark for the dreamcast which I used to take the edge off of Resident Evil: Code Veronica. Unfortunately when I went back to finish it the GS was broken and it left my save file impossible to use. Usually I save things in a state that make it possible to continue without the GS, but I forgot in this case, then I moved to Colorado. So a few years later, when I had a moment to think about wanting to know how that game ended, the save was broken and I just wasn’t going to go back and play the first half of the game for a third time. (I played it on the ps2 and stopped at the halfway point that time too.)
I like DLC and amiibos and stuff because they are kind of like cheating in some games. They make Breath Of The Wild a lot less grindy for example. They also make the Fire Emblem games more fun by letting you quickly grind powers compared to doing it in the regular game levels. I don’t love paying for shortcuts, but I’ll tolerate it just so I can play a game to completion for a change. It kind of makes it seem like developers know that their work is padded for time if you look at DLC a certain way.