950 Game On.


Enough of Nina’s backstory has been revealed for everyone to know that she used to be a competetive athelete. I think it would be safe to assume that she was also used to winning, and perhaps thrived on it. No matter who we become we remain haunted by who we used to be. There are people in the world who never upgrade. They learn and grow, but they end with the exact same programming they started with. That isn’t nessesarily bad. Sometimes the first version is the best and changing it would only be change for change’s sake. The difference between Nina.0 and whatever version she is now is so vast that people she grew up with would scarecly recognize her. If they hadn’t seen the change happen at any rate. In some ways her depth makes her easy to write because it dictates her motivation. Her hidden complexity makes her seem outwardly uncomplicated. Her character is the most whole because she’s already had experiences that galvanized her spirit. Yet she remains compelling. It seems counterintuitive, but there we are.

There are some new Nina Desktops in the bottom post spot, in case you didn’t scroll that far. I uploaded them really late, so I feel like some of you may have missed them.