949 Chance.


The title of this one kind of comes from something I’ve noticed in anime. Which is when someone is about to make an attack of oppertunity they either mutter, or shout, chansu! (at this point I fell asleep for 2 hours at my desk. The comic posted itself as it was meant to without me finishing my thoughts. XD) I don’t know how this became a trope in Japan, but it must come from “now’s my chance!” and I think their way is better, because it gets the point across much faster in an action scene.

Have you guys noticed how nice I’ve tried to make the backgrounds look? I thought the 4-ways were really pretty. At least in so far as they can look pretty. I try so hard for youuuuuuu. T^T

I needed to glue one thing with superglue (other glues are available) so I went around trying to find other things to glue first. I did this because once you open superglue it’s over. you can’t use it twice. Once you open a tube you may as well pour the rest on the ground, cause next time you need it that tube will be totally solid. I had a handfull of glue containers like that, staring at me while I fixed the power thing for some speakers. I used each of them once… This new container makes it suck less because there are 5 tiny things of glue meant for one use each. Because someone must have told the superglue people about this design flaw. Even so there is way more glue than you need for most jobs in the tube. So I was trying to get them all done in a go. I still had glue when i was done. It felt like I was wasting it. T^T

Im seriously thinking about getting all the Avatar The Last Airbender and Firefly DVDs at some point. I feel like it’s been long enough finally. Of course now that Viacom wont play with Direct TV I can’t watch Korra if I even wanted to. >:|

I hold out on a lot of things that are super nerd popular for a long time. because when they are going people are so aggrivating about them. After a few years people are way easier to talk to about stuff they liked a lot. Except for certain things, like Star Wars. I watched a little of Buffy when it was ending becasue a friend liked it, but I never bought in. I’ve always been a bit hesitant about how venerated Joss Whedon is. Something about him makes me bristle. I liked The Avengers though, so maybe I can go back and get in to Firefly. I haven’t commited to the idea yet. Feel free to present me with your opinions on the subject. On either subject, in fact.