1784 Return Of Sink.


I’ve always wanted to go to Carol’s apartment, but avoided it for various reason, not least of which is that she has a cat. I don’t think it’s ever been mentioned, but I always intended for her to have one. At this point, with the whole world falling apart around me, it doesn’t seem like it matters a whole lot if I fuck everything up by not being able to draw a convincing cat.

I made a subscription button for the comic for those of you who might be small pledge Patreon users. It’s in the RSS feed link. It’s just a way to stall while I try to find a reputable company to take the place of Patereon, or at least a service that doesn’t hate people who aren’t rolling in money. I’ll still be distributing the content through Patreon until such time that I have a better way to do so. You can follow my account with your account to see my updates.

The breaker that controls power to my room failed completely. Since the Teen has moved to another state I just moved my work stuff back to her room, which was my workspace before she came to live with us. I took my pile of bed stuff and moved it into the closet. Since the walls are close together in there I can brace myself kind of like I did in my bedroom. It’s not perfect, but neither was the way I was sleeping before. I can’t help but think this will give me practice for when I’m homeless if I live into my 60s.

I’m moving my working stuff into the office bit by bit. The space is half as big, so only the stuff I use all the time will move over.

For those of you who care, my grandmother is stable, but she had surgery which is making her recovery very slow. She also understandably depressed. It might be fun if some of you wanted to send her a card. Here’s her room info. I trust you not to be mean to my ailing grandma.

Sara Pepper Room #6091
C/O. Select Specialty Hospital-Wichita
929 North Saint Francis Street
North Tower 6th Floor
Wichita, Kansas 67214

I actually deleted the old amazon list I had for when people asked for one for Xmas gifts. If you absolutely can’t control your holiday spirit here’s my generic one. I stuck a bunch of random small stuff in there. It doesn’t matter how many of the same small Lego sets I get since I use them for parts and not to keep as whatever they are supposed to be. I’m trying to make a Bob’s Burger’s style diner at the moment. I have the first floor essentially finished but am kind of stuck on the next floor. I need more neutral colors to make walls and floor panels that are all one color.

Anyway, I don’t know about you, but this year has been amazingly exhausting. I don’t have a lot of hope for the next one either, but maybe we’ll get lucky. Regardless, if you’re someone who come here, and cares enough to read my blog posts, thanks for being there for me. I’m basically alone most of the time and knowing you guys are out there to talk to makes things a lot better for me than it would be if I was just here shouting into the void.