1785 Climbing Frame.


I expect that anyone has ever owned a cat has been climbed like a ladder at some point. Our little Siamese once ran right up my side just like this so she could look me right in the face. Cats have a very strange way of expressing love sometimes. Our last cat died a year ago? Two? Time runs together for me these days. The long and short is we don’t have cats anymore and I miss them, but we have 5 dogs and that’s too many dogs to have to be having another pet.

We get so many mice now. Our old dogs, and possibly our cat, seemed to keep mice the fuck out of our house. The new ones don’t really understand that mice aren’t something we want. When they see them they just interested the same way they are interested in an old toy. Seems fun, but meh… We had a shar pei that was a total mouser. There’s probably a blog post about her in the archives. She was alive when started this.

I’m spent from everything. Let’s not talk about all the other stuff in the world right now. Let’s just think about cats, or dogs, or whatever pets you love.