1687 Space Hallways.


I’m pretty sure that the cast has referenced the MST3K version of Space Mutiny before. If you’ve never seen it go find it. It’s in Netflix if you want a legit way to see it, along with a new season of the show… or the reboot if you choose to look at it that way. In any event, if you don’t want to support the creators then I’m sure it’s on youtube. I’m pretty sure people can get what they are talking about from context, but if you’ve seen the show you’ll have a deeper appreciation for what they are saying. Space Mutiny is one of the best episodes of MST3K.

I finally got a Nintendo Switch and to play the copy of Breath Of The Wild I bought a couple months ago when it came out. I managed to hear virtually nothing about the game of import so I managed to go in mostly blind. The very first thing I did after exiting the cave you start from was fall off the scenic cliff where the game starts. I haven’t had time to play very long, but one thing I did find out is that every single amiibo will give you 3 to 5 random items. The Zelda ones will give you special stuff, but EVERY amiibo gives you something once a day. This includes amiibo cards. As you may remember, I have a huge stack of double animal crossing amiibo cards. There must be 100 of them at least. I scanned every single one of them. So I’m walking around with way more money than I think I’m supposed to be, at least as far as the designers are concerned. That said, money certainly doesn’t make you invincible. Nor do the Items Zelda amiibo give you. They still break, it just takes a little longer, plus they appear to be random. The only thing that you can use over and over is Wolf Link. He can be summoned to aid you at any time and is a very powerful ally. He can take down most standard enemies on his own, and has other skills you can make use of too. I leave him behind most of the time because he can’t follow you when you climb and if you fast travel he disappears. If I get to wander around a flat area I think I’ll use him more. I got far enough to tame a horse. It’s green so I named him Geenbean. In any case the game is a lot of fun right out of the box and I hope I can play some more soon. At the moment the Switch is taunting me while I work on other stuff…