806 Enemy Mine.


I foolishly didn’t back up my post and the storm ate it.  XD  I’ll have extra words for you as soon as I rewrite them.  T^T

I got a replacement port for the internet on my pc.  Mom put it in for me.  I’ve seen her do it enough times that I could have, but  she has special gear to do that sort of thing.  after an hour of fiddling around the hard line was functioning again.  The wireless is alright for emergencies, but it’s just not as reliable as the hard line.

The other day I got to thinking about something.  Which got me to tweeting.  The response was minimal so I’ll repost the thought here so you all can weigh in.

I ask girls what it’s like to be a girl often but they never ask me what it’s like to be a dude. Do they not care, or think they know?

I’m not real sure people understand what I’m asking here.  Being male or female is something that’s so natural to a person it’s hard to explain what it’s like to exist as what you are.  It’s also very personal and sometimes our insides don’t match our outsides.  Anyway, I’ll let that get the topic started and then try to make a more complete thought when I’ve worked it out.