1304 Internal Conflict.


I’ve been busy with projects. Things that don’t really make for compelling reading… I mean that’s all I’ve been doing for a couple of weeks apart from the average teen things and what have you. There are certainly worse fates than being consumed by work you enjoy but, as I said, it makes for sparse blogs. The Teen often teases me for not having a life. Except what she really means is not having the kind of life she approves of. Having been brought up in a strange environment I don’t think she fully grasps the reality of adult life. Although I think she’s beginning to sense it approaching. A time is coming where the party will be over and panic is beginning to set in.

She thinks we should become crime scene investigators. Well, actually she will be the investigator and I will be the assistant. She seems to be going through that morbid phase everybody goes through at some point, where she’s obsessed with morbidity. That’s existed in her as long as I can remember, but now it’s more pronounced. It’s highlighted how much random knowledge I’ve amassed about serial killers simply from being alive for so long. I never set out to know that stuff but I just picked it up along the way and when she asks it’s in there to recite. It’s not something I was aware of particularly, but I guess some part of my mind must have thought these facts were worth holding on to. Maybe for self preservation? Know the warning signs in case you meet a serial killer in the wild? I’m not sure.

I expect I’ve picked up a lot of information and held it on the grounds that it might save me in a disaster. Of course not a lot of it will be useful since I’m so unhealthy that I’d likely died of heart failure while trying to implement things.

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