807 Springtime For Hitler.


I was certain I used that page title already.  Apparently I didn’t.

You guys really took my vague gender question and ran with it.  Some of you more or less got what I was wondering about, but some of you went so far out I wasn’t sure you understood the words I used.  In any case, it was interesting reading and I thank those who participated.

What I’m curious about when I ask those sorts of questions is the minutia, and each person tends to answer differently.   I don’t need to ask dudes as much because I already know the general minutia, but sometimes you get a good personal response.  It’s easier in a one on one conversation too, since some of this stuff is considered personal.  Everyone has their comfort levels and all that.  The stuff that people rarely think about is where you really learn the best stuff though.

As a guy one thing I hate is bicycle seats.  What kind of sadist would design such a thing?  Why aren’t they perpendicular to your ass?  It seems like such an obvious flaw.  The big wheel is a clearly superior design, and not as torturous.

I’m not really any better than answering my own questions than anyone else for the same reasons.  I don’t really think about the little things either.  Only when presented with the question do I stop to consider an answer.

Which brings me to one that I trotted out the other day that people had a lot of trouble with:

If you could travel to any fictional universe, and be subject to its physical laws when arriving, where would you go and what would you do?

I haven’t been able to answer this question.  I know where I wouldn’t go.  Any DC or Marvel universes since they end up getting rebooted so often and people randomly die and/or disappear, or become the opposite gender, or who knows what else.  You might be able to get by in one of the animated universes.  They’re a little safer, but not much.

I think if you could just bounce around from place to place it would be easier to answer.  The question kind of implies that you only get one shot.   Let’s make that a separate question because the implied limit makes the first question harder to answer.

Some universes would be dicks to visit.  Like Red Dwarf.  You’d be doing your thing for a while then find out you were in a virtual game for the last 3 seasons or some shit, making you question the very nature of your existence.