808 Herr Dickler.


Reggie amuses me to no end.  I mean what does he think he’s achieving by being such an ass all the time?  There’s a story in there someplace…

Any of you twizzlers old enough to remember Hey Dude?  It was a live action Nickelodeon show about a ranch that…  employed kids?  Is that what that place was for?  Why were those kids there?  I don’t remember anymore.  I do remember the blond girl who went on to be in Zoolander and maybe marry Ben Stiller.  Am I imagining that?  Is that real?  Anyway I think of that show whenever she’s in anything.  The other girl, the dark haired one, was the one I thought was hot.  I have no idea if she was in anything after that.  I don’t remember seeing anyone else from that show in anything.  Anyway, the first season is on DVD now.  I have no need of it, but I think it’s fun that someone decided it was worth trotting out.

Maybe we’ll get a Myserious cities Of Gold release or some other old Nick shows I’ve forgotten but liked.  Like Are You Afraid Of The Dark, or something.

I picked up one of the Happy Meal Smurfs today.  I just wanted one to see what it was like.  They’re friggin huge.  Quality though.  I mean, a decent toy for where it comes from, you know?  Grouchy is who I got, by the way.  He has a butterfly stuck to his nose.  Which is like giving kids the finger when it comes to playing with something.  I feel like it’s an homage to an older figure of him for some reason.