809 The What Now?


The power went out when I got home last night and stayed out till 4 or so in the morning, so I lost a day essentially.  It’s really aggravating.  I could have gotten ahead a little bit, bu no.

The power out here is so unreliable I’d really like to see about getting a backup generator or something.  I saw a report once about a company that’s offering to make personal nuclear power stations.  They cost a ton, but they can power way more than just one home and a group of people can sell that power back to the power company.  That would be pretty sweet.  Once you got one of those things you’d never have to pay for power again…  for like 100 generations of your kids.  Assuming they live around your power station anyway.

In any case some kind of backup power thing would be really useful out here.  All kinds of stuff can go wrong though.  I’ve heard so many horror stories about people randomly dying because of personal generators.  Whoever wired this house was also less than a genius.  Things are not done…  normally.  At least in so far as I understand that sort of thing.  The phone lines are also all jacked up.  Which I suppose must be unrelated.