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On the off chance that this website survives into the far future, yesterday the noted basketball star Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash. I’m not a sports fan, but the fact that I knew who he was, without looking him up, is testament to the scope of his talents. His daughter was sadly among the number of lives claimed in the accident as well. It was a truly tragic event. People were trying to use it in all manner of ways moments after it happened. If you’re reading this in the far future I hope it seems like a quaint description of how people used to act in the age of social media. Although I suspect it will sound more familiar than not…
In death all men are equal. He achieved fame, & all the earthly riches a man could rightly desire through his own labors, but death struck, as it so often does, without warning, & reduced him to the dust from whence he all came. Something to remember while you are beset by the petty annoyances of life.