1481 Jay


Okay, first of all, I’m doing December’s patreon story update as soon as I get the coming week’s pages squared. I can’t write for shit with them hanging over my head. So I’ll do it when I can and then the one for this month will come at the end of the month. Or maybe that one is for December and the one I’m going to do soon is for November… I forget how it works. Anyway, I’m going to do it. I’ll also keep getting to the patreon avatars whenever I can. Hopefully now that all the fucking holiday bullshit is done, maybe I can just get back on track.

Guh, guh guh… Everything’s all scattered. I hate to say i’m feeling better for fear of taking a random turn again. If I can just stick it out a bit longer maybe I can get my hands around the neck of life again.

I had stuff to talk about earlier, but doing stuff all day has put it right out of my head. I’m going to have to start making notes again because I just can’t remember stuff with all these things going on all the time. I guess I’ll just sign off and hope that by Wednesday i’ll be on the ball.

Did you guys have a nice holiday? I don’t think anyone said.