810 What What What!?


There are some chicks who got together to make a comic collection called the Womanthology, which I endorse based on the wordplay alone.  It’s only for girls to make so they can showcase their comic making powers in spite of having vaginas, or maybe because of having them.  You guys who don’t make comics may not have heard of this, but it’s been all over the channels for people like me for weeks now.  I’m not going to find the link because surely you guys can find it yourselves…

I tend to only get one side of the story on stuff like this because for the most part I just don’t care, but the whole thing amuses me because of something I know must be happening somewhere.

There is a dude stewing in his mancave right now because of this.  He’s so mad that this project excludes him that he’s blogged about how unfair it is, argued about it in the comments of other comics, and generally been miserable about the whole thing.  I haven’t actually seen any of this, but I KNOW it has to have happened.  And on top of it all, he’s planning the Manthology because “our voices have to be heard too!”

The very concept of this theoretical man amuses me to no end.  Much like how Reggie amuses me.   He’s just so righteously indignant because of this perceived injustice.  Every time the projects gets some press, or the kickstarter funding increases, he burns with an even greater passion than before, and he redoubles his efforts to create the Manthology.  He has no idea that what he’s making isn’t special because most anthologies are manthologies by accident.  His friends just shake their heads and walk away when he starts ranting.

If I wasn’t busy doing other stuff I would write the story of this misguided soul.

This page showcases our new fan favorite character, the world’s happiest soda bottle.   Why is it so happy?  You’d be happy too if Nina was going to suck on you.