811 Noooothing.


I’m pretty excited about the 3DS now that some decent games are appearing on the horizon.   I turned on my Wii for the first time since I started Dragon Age and watched some trailers.  I must have Mario Kart, and Super Mario.  I’m hoping that I can wait them out long enough for Nintendo to dick everyone else over by making an exclusive Kart or Mario 3DS, so I can finally have a special DS for once.  Apart from that I’m not sure.  Kid Icarus may not be my kind of thing even though I like the idea of it getting the sequel. I’m just about done with Dragon Age.  I have played the shit out of it.  All of the origin stories, all of the DLC.   I kind of wish i’d played the DLC first so i could have played through the other times with all the present enhancements, but whatever.  I only really enjoyed playing as a rogue.  I don’t like having things locked away from me.  Even if I can’t fight as well the idea that I can’t get into a door or a chest drives me nuts.  At least rogues aren’t pussies in Dragon Age. I hear that DA2 isn’t the same kind of game as DA.  That makes me sad, but I’d still like to play it I think.  I have the trial version to test out when I’m done.  If what I hear is true a lot of what I like is going to have been sacrificed for a more linear story, much like in Fable 3.  I enjoyed Fable 3 a lot though, so maybe DA2 will be a similar experience.

If I don’t start on DA2 I’ll probably see if I can stand Final Fantasy…  13?  What number are they up to?  Hopefully it will be cool once I get in to it a little.  I’m just so sick of Japanese girlyman heroes.  I’ve been sick of them for a while, as regulars will already know.  Final fantasy 12 won me over in spite of the lead kid.

if not that then I’m going to see about finishing Mario Galaxy.  I intend to get every star, just like I did with 2.  My suspicion is that it won’t be as hard as it was to do that as it was in the sequel.  So far Galaxy seems like a test run for Galaxy 2.  Which is no bad thing.

I could also see about finding that psp tactics game, or maybe Red Dead Redemption.   GTA cowboy seems like a thing I could get behind and play for a long time.

Finishing a game is weird because I get into a rhythm of living my life all day then ending by playing whatever game I’m playing.  The transition period is always awkward.

Are there any other RPG games that are more like Dragon age?  Like where you manage your stats and stuff like in KOTOR?  Do you guys know of anything that you think I would like based on what I talk about?