1257 Liberation.


When it comes to social issues like the representation of women in video games the Teen cares not a lot. Very rarely does she express concern about how women are portrayed in anything. When she does it tends to be anger over skinny girls getting attention or praise, so it doesn’t come across as particularly altruistic. Her definition of dangerously thin, however, includes women that others might consider average, or normal. The long and short of all of that is she’s a poor data point to start from. She was not raised to be a deep thinker and it shows. That’s not a bad thing necessarily. I think her general lack of concern about the world outside herself is part of what allows her to cope. Not everyone needs to be socially aware, it’s just odd for me to interact with because I’m accustomed to it. I think, in her mind, life should be a nonstop party where everyone is happy all the time and the world is largely consequence free. The necessities come from some magical otherplace and will always appear when you’re in need. Of course this may all just be the mask she wears to help make her way through a world that has largely punished her for things she was not responsible for. She and I are not polar opposites, but at times the gape is very apparent and apparently vast.

I’ve played with the idea of trying to get her to play Mass Effect, but I’m pretty sure at this point that she wouldn’t stick with it. The only games I’ve seen her absolutely get completely into is Deadpool. I think this is because she is dangerously attracted to sociopaths. My reaction to this has been to try and use Deadpool as a gateway to other, more positive, influences. The other day I finally delved into storage and found as many Deadpool comics as I could. It’s nearly a complete run of the first 3 series up to abut issue 40 or so. With luck she’ll find another character she enjoys and I can work from there. Hopefully it won’t be the likes of Black Tom, or Kain Marko. Of course Kain has at least evolved into a less unsavory creature over time. So maybe that wouldn’t be the worst. It’s be really handy if she liked Nightcrawler though. I have a ton of Excalibur books.