641 Undercarriage.


Looks like the weather could potentially throw off comic making again. It’s just that time of year I guess. I need an underground bunker, with its own power supply, where I can cobble together these pages without worrying about the wind blowing. If I was crazy rich i would find a hill above the flood plain, hollow it out, and make a Hobbit hole for myself. I mean it would be on the grid, but there would also be a power supply for just me in case of inclement weather. Around here nature pretty much throws 2 things at you: water and wind. If you plan for those two things you’re pretty safe, but a lot of people still just have houses on low ground, or with no basement. Seriously. I mean, in California they make you enforce your buildings to handle quakes. All structures in tornado alley should have basements at least. I’m sure I’ve said it before.
There’s a weather station some miles from here that’s almost a Hobbit hole. Dirt is all mounded up on it. The thing is that mostly tornadoes leave hills alone. They just kind of walk across them, but don’t fully investigate them. Which makes “Project Hobbit” a genius idea. You can live underground around here because we have only tiny earthquakes. As long as you don’t build in a hole where water can get you it’s perfect. Your power source has to be external though. It its own place so you don’t get fumes, or what have you, killing you like that. Also you have to test for secret gasses that sneak in and kill you, like radon.
I used to live in an apartment in Kansas that was basically a pile of cleverly stacked branches. No basement. So if the winds came, and they did, I just had to stand around waiting to get tornadoed. No shelter was provided. That is total shit. There ought to be a law.
Maybe I can make that my cause. Legislation to make sure everyone has safe harbor from tornadoes. It can be called “Project Hobbit 2: The Hidening”