1205 Blog.


First of all, thanks for all kind words on the last page. I didn’t have time to reply to most of them yet, but in case you never go backwards in the comments please know I appreciate the support.

I watched Ghostbusters again the other night. I hadn’t watched it all through for a very long time. The passing of Harold Ramis made me think about the film a little deeper, in spite of the teen being unimpressed. Subtle humor tends to be lost on her… Anyway, I took a lot of stuff from that movie as a kid. Copying mannerisms I saw eventually became part of who I am. This is true of other movies of the day, but Ghostbusters was never tarnished, or revisited in a way that changed my perspective on it. As opposed to Star Wars. Which now has to be viewed through the prism of prequels and piles of expanded fiction. (Most of which isn’t even “real” now.) Ghostbusters remained basically how it was after the films stopped and the cartoon ended. The second movie matched the original tone, and even the video game eventually did the same. I’m glad it remains unruined, for now…

I finished Link Between Worlds, by the way. I kind of did it on accident because I thought I’d run across the red mail before the end boss, but I just breezed right by and defeated it without realizing that there wasn’t going to be a further twist. So I beat the game with the blue mail. I might go back in just long enough to get the red mail, just to my street pass Link will be fully powered up.

Anyway, I can finally start Mario & Luigi Dream Team now.