522 Weak Evil.


You may notice, over the next few days, that the site is a little off…  The comicpress thing has been updated, so a lot of stuff is fucked up.  I’m happy there’s a site at all, at one point there wasn’t.  The damage done will be repaired as quickly as my team of gnomes can learn the intricacies of CSS and black magic, as it seems those are the two things that power word & comicpress

The computer did the shutdown thing again last night.  I didn’t have any applications running, and I had just opened up IE to look at Twitter.  It was fairly cold in the room and as far as I can tell the fan was functioning.  The last time it happened I was trying to check my mail.  Maybe IE is the through line here.  More science will be required…

Figured I’d tell you guys since so many of you know stuff.  You can track my progress through the magic of the internet.

The spellcheck doesn’t think that internet is a real word.  It seems like internet would be a priority word or the spellcheck going into a program made for the internet.  I can’t add it to the dictionary like in Works.  My copy of Works has tons of new words in it that are accepted by the public at large, and some that I’ve made up myself.  words like:

Barcasm – Which is trying to be witty when you’re too drunk and end up being annoying.

Hobodor – The smell of a hobo.  

Stereoskeptic – When two or more skeptics get into a recursive loop of agreeing with themselves in a smug manner.

Suckulent – Something that sucks a lot.

Ducklingling – A cross between a duck and a panda.

Aggravention – To prevent aggravation, especially in MMORPGs.  Aggrovention is an alternate spelling.

Transfandango – The complex interaction between Transformers fans in forums. 

These new words have varying levels of usefulness, but I’ve coined them none the less, and encourage you to shoehorn them into any conversations you may have in future.