1513 Breastament.


That’s right. They’re still talking about Carol’s amazing tits. Deal with it. They’re gonna keep talking about them until I think they’re FUCKING DONE, and not a moment sooner. I’m going somewhere with this and it has to be set up, so deal with it so you can be amazed when I call back to this in another decade.

Speaking of decades, the comic turns 10 on Sunday. Coincidentally, I turn 40 on that day. Feel free to shower me with praise and gifts. I wanted to have a special present ready for you guys, but I hired other artists to help, and didn’t give them enough time, so I’m going to present the gifts as they are completed. Honestly I should have started prepping for this last year, but I spent a huge chunk of last year being sick as fuck. Ha ha ha, so I couldn’t prepare properly for this huge milestone. Really there’s no more perfect anniversary for this comic than one that’s all fucked up.
I don’t know when, or if, the second volume of the book will ever be ready. Everything’s a total cock up, but I guess that’s how things are.

I’m still living in the times between,
and maybe that’s all I’ll ever do.
But being between failures ain’t so bad
as long as I’m living between them with you.

There are a lot of people who helped me get where I am.
My parents, obviously. Friends who lived the inspiring years with me, but there are also people who’ve been around when it was just me, alone in an empty room, trying to decide if I should just give up. If you’ve ever loved a word I wrote, or a line I drew these are some people you should thank.
Carl Sjostrand @cjsjostrand
Amber Stone @amber_stone
Natasha DeGracia @tempest_Lavalle
Chris Paulsen @chrispco
Fes @FesWorks
Wendy Wood @wendy_bunny
Logan @hi_im_reading
Richard @elephande
Andrew Fraser @botulismbunny
John Wigger @zombieroomie
Mike @TheNewMeat
KB @0lympicdames
W00T @woot_art
Andy Wilgus
There were other people too, who came along at the right moment, then disappeared back into the internet. Creators who started with me in the Drunk Duck days who are lost to me now. Nice people on Smackjeeves that got too busy with life to keep in touch. Readers who moved on. So many usernames I recall but never see anymore. I don’t forget what you did for me. I remember your kindness when I was overtaken by hate. An encouraging word at the right moment can change a person’s life. I’ve tried to pay back as much as I could over the years.

There are also some people I would thank that inspired me by making this look so much easier than it really is, who have no fucking idea who I am:
David Willis (Shortpacked!)
Kris Straub (Starslip Crisis)
Scott Kurtz (PVP)
Dave Kellet (Sheldon)
Brad Guigar (Evil Inc)
Jeph Jaques (Questionable Content)
Ian K Jones-Quartey (RPG World)

Starslip Crisis is the only webcomic I have every volume of in print. I read PVP for years. When I started out I had How To Make Webcomics to refer to when I wasn’t sure what to do. I read Shortpacked! to the end and read Dumbing Of Age every update now. I Started Reading QC late one night after a shitty day at work and read the whole archive in three days. (It was a lot smaller back then.) I still wish RPG World had a real ending.

Last year might well have been the last year for Between Failures if not for the readers. I was able to keep ahead of my medical bills because of you. (with a lot of help from @TrooperTK8912) I don’t have a lot but if Between Failures had been taken away I’m not sure what I would have done. I’ve poured so much of myself into it it feels like a part of my very being.

Before that Hiveworks rescued me from a site that was too broken to function, and a host that locked the site if more than a thousand people looked at the page. I wasn’t capable of trusting other people when Jojo asked me to join. I’d just been offered a terrible deal from another group and was really wary. In retrospect, I should have joined Hiveworks proper, but by the time I realized that I felt like it was already too late. It taught me that in business you need to pick trustworthy partners. It’s almost impossible to do anything very complicated by yourself. Hiveworks has always offered me any help I needed without asking for anything in return other than making the comic and having their link bar. They took a burden from me that was making my life miserable. Without them Between Failures might not have made it this long. It certainly wouldn’t have survived the hospital stays.

I don’t know how long Between Failures will keep going. I did write an ending, and there is an outline in case I die before I finish, but I really want to tell the whole story myself. It may take another ten years, or even more, I don’t plan things out as carefully as that. I really hope we all get to the end together. If we don’t then please know I loved spending the time between with you.