1514 Paranormal Racktivititty.


The title could have been paranormal racktivity and been fine, but I decided on a dangerous DOUBLE PUN!! Don’t try this at home. I am a pun expert. A Pundit, if you will.

I had to do so much research about bra sizing on this that all the targeted ads on the site were for bras for a week. By coincidence the Teen had recruited me to help her get better bras the week before, so I had asked all my facebook contacts that have similar builds about where to get the best bras for the best price versus quality ratio online. Most of them are used to me suddenly asking questions about girl things out of nowhere, but some of the newer ones were probably disturbed and it didn’t occur to me that they would be until much later. Of course Natasha has known me long enough that she was all in and said she’d guide the Teen in the ways of bras. My mom is all about function and the teen likes style. This fundamental disagreement causes a lot of friction, but I kind of expected Natasha to walk the line between the two because she’s that kind of sassy lady.
Bra sizing is a hot mess. Since it’s trying to be everything to everyone it’s a bit vague until you actually start building around an actual human. At least this is what my research suggests. Plus there’s not a worldwide standard, which causes a lot of friction for people who are unbound by the borders of the world. What I’ve noticed is that it basically breaks down into 3 main standards. American, British, and Asian. The question that this made me wonder was is there a south American standard, African, or any others from large parts of the world that are less connected to the US. Africa is a huge continent, comprised of many countries; do they use the British standard? My guess is that colonialism makes the british standard the one for Africa in general. It’s not like this is a burning question, but I’m very curious now. International trade is complex, so there must be people whose job it is to try and get bras into every market. It’s just something that all the calculations got me thinking about.
My general standard for Carol’s measurements is that she had a 36 to 38 inch chest depending on weight, bloating, or what have you. I’m not sure of her exact height, but Thomas is supposed to be 6’1″. Her cup size is generally agreed upon as G. The thing is, I’ve seen lots of women with those supposed measurements that do not look to be the same size at all. I took my best shot at plausibility though. Anyway, based on that vauge series of numbers I’m guessing that her hips are around 45″ to 48″. Is any of that important? I have no fucking idea, but I worked it out anyway because people used to ask about it a lot.

Thank all of you for the well wishes for the shared anniversary of the comic and its creator. I’ve missed a few goal over the years, but I’m still trying. Hopefully the next few years will see the improvements I’ve always wanted to make once I finally heal properly. I’m already faster than I used to be versus the damage done by the hospital stays, so when I’m well again it should be like Goku dropping his weighted training gear. Or at least I hope it will be. I struggle with the art, as you well know, but I keep trying to push my limits and learn more. It’s all anyone can do and I hope you stick around for another ten years of me failing and trying again.