1515 A Cup Above.


For the record, Thomas is doing the finger counting the way I do when I have to do math in my head; sometimes switching from hand to hand without reason.
The duplication of letters in bra sizing has always seemed a little odd to me because it seems unnecessary. How many women ever get even close to Z? P is the highest letter I’m aware of as far as breast size goes without it being diseased. Of course being that big at all is considered a disease on some level, but I mean without open sores and obvious malignancy. From P to Z is ten more. That seems like plenty of room not to double up on. The double letters don’t seem to denote any in between stage; as if it was D.5, or something. If it did then I could see that making sense. Maybe it does mean that and I’ve just never seen it explained. If some of the responses from Monday are any indication one of you will know the answers to some of this at least. All I know is that if you use a sizing calculator it breaks after the middle of the alphabet on most sites. Even if you calculate past that and it has an answer there are no bras past a certain letter, so you’d have to go to some kind of craftsman to get one. That has to be expensive. The teen still falls within the range of obtainable bras, although not by much, and the pricing is prohibitive. I’ve seen her toss bras that are basically fine except for the wire coming out. It seems like they should be sturdier for $50 to $70. I’ve been tempted to try and repair them, but I have enough to do already without trying to reengineer her undergarments.

It’s that time of year when the value of the advertising on the site begins to wane over the summer. Much like every other part of the economy web advertising increases over the holiday times and declines in between. In the interest of making an effort to do better about making people aware of my patreon I’m mentioning it now. Just to put the thought in the back of the minds of anyone who might be on the fence. There’s not a lot going on there. I post an alternate universe story chapter, or so, every month, and a random assortment of images and things depending on what people ask to have sketched. There are no levels of support. If you pledge a dollar you get the same thing everyone else does. If you want to pledge more you can, but I can’t offer a bunch of perks, since I’m just barely capable of making the comic. I let everyone who pledges have a sketch of a single character, from whatever franchise they like, once a month. Or you can have me draw you for use as an avatar image on whatever social media you like. Which, for a dollar is pretty fucking great. That said, if all 300 some odd people asked for sketches every month there would be a huge backlog, but until I can’t do it anymore that’s the deal. Pray I do not alter it further. I share some of the sketches with the group. Usually the ones of my own characters. I will consider NSFW sketches on a request to request basis. I’m uncomfortable with sharing that sort of thing, but if you catch me in a good mood who knows? Regardless of all of that it’s still me drawing, so don’t get your hopes too high up. You’ve seen the limits of my skill. I also commission art from other artists from time to time, so sometimes you get a treat in the form of art from other sources. Anyway, I just thought I’d mention it in case any of you had spare dollars around. I’ve been trying to see about hiring other artists to work on ideas that I can’t draw myself and the more money I have the easier that would be. LINK
You can also click on Nina on the sidebar, but it’s been that image for so long I think people tune it out now.
I don’t want to get you too excited because it’s still early days, but I’m working with an artist right now on a new series we are going to try and produce together. It’s gonna be giant robots fighting and people being cool because they have giant robots. It’s also based on one of my stupid tweets, so that makes it the best thing ever. It’s also going to be like a regular manga kind of thing, so a lot more action and not so much talking… but still probably more talking than you usually get in manga because it’s still me writing… Anyway, if it doesn’t work out I still want to compensate the artist for his/her (?) time. Hence the above.

I set my patreon up in a weird way because I don’t value my own work properly. The shit I give out for a dollar is, like, mid to high level for a lot of artists. As much as I think people should get paid for their work I hate for other readers to miss out who don’t have the finances to be patrons. I am not good at capitalism because I actually care that you guys can’t all be patrons. I dunno. I’ve been looking at how other people did stuff and maybe someday I’ll restructure things.