1206 Conserve Ammo.


Ed is such a smug bastard sometimes.

I made a mistake the other day. The teen made me play video games in her room, then got distracted by teen drama, so I played State Of Decay: Breakdown on her TV in HD. I could read the text! Now that I’ve had a taste I want it all the time! Why did I do it!? WHY!?!?!?! My TV can do HD too, but it’s that first generation of it with the RBG wires, and there’s only the one input. It’s a hand me down, so it’s a bit outdated by technology standards. I don’t have the RBG hook ups for my 360, but even if I did I’d have to switch it between my DVR and the Xbox, which is almost impossible since the TV weighs a billion pounds. Once I got the thing in the stand I almost couldn’t get anything hooked up to it because I couldn’t shift it without help. I can practically juggle flatscreens since they’re so light.

Another thing that happened is that the headphone jack on the old TV suddenly stopped working with certain headphones and cords randomly one day. It also happened on my PC and I can’t figure out why. Except one day I was barefoot and the extension cord was plugged in without the earphones and a spark jumped from it to my toe, which I’ve never seen happen before. Even then I have no idea why it would ruin the unattached headphones. Maybe it’s just a coincidence. Other headphones work, but not with the extensions for some reason, and the extensions work on some other devices. It’s totally insane. I always use headphones so as not to disturb anyone since I keep odd hours. It’s a real problem.

My sorting and cleaning got disturbed by other life events, so I have little piles of old games and stuff here and there. I have some spare third party Dreamcast controllers for sure. They look janky, but are in good shape. I have no idea why I bought them. I don’t remember ever having 4 friends who would play Dreamcast with me. I found all the parts to Hey you, Pickachu, so that can be sold all together. Not that I expect it to, but whatever. I may even have the box someplace. I got it from a Hastings so the box looked like shit when I bought it. I’m pretty sure I have all the things for Occarina Of Time. Since there’s a ton of ways to play it I’m not worried about not having it. I’m pretty sure I have Majora’s Mask as well. Not as much about the book and box for it, but I do have a Gamecube disc that plays both of them, so that’s safe. I’ve got all of Ogre Battle 64, which I think is rare, but I haven’t looked. I bet with the box and book it is anyway. I’ve got at least one spare N64, but I’m not sure where the jump pack is. I know I had an extra at one point, but it’s location is currently unknown. I have a stack of old NES games to get rid of. No extras though. All three of the Double Dragons, with extras of 2. Shingen The Warrior? I forget the exact title. I’ve been considering selling the Megaman collection too, but I’m still on the fence. I have all of them. The only incomplete one is Megaman. I got it used because it was already out of stores when I got Megaman 2. Anyway, the whole storage situation looks like an explosion at the moment. I’ll have to get back to that when time allows.