640 Upgrades.


The weather is really upsetting my groove. It’s been lightning storms in the evening for a few days now. Having to wait out the storms cocks everything up. I like to work on comics in long uninterrupted stretches. My PC is on a pretty good backup battery because even when the weather is normal the power grid out here is ultra shitty. Random surges will destroy anything delicate if you don’t put a good protector between it and the wall. I lost a few things to the demon of the grid before I was clued in to its brutal nature.

I decided to switch from Netflixing classic Doctor Who episodes to random anime I haven’t seen. The first thing I got was Urusei Yatsura movie 4: Lum The Forever. After watching it I’m still not sure what the hell was going on. I’ve read some of the comics, and seen some of the TV anime and one other movie, and they made sense, but this one… didn’t quite do that. The descriptions said as much, but I was unprepared for just how little held the “plot” together. At any rate it was neat to look at, even if it was little more that a Japanese acid trip.

I may watch it one more time just to see if the crazy was all on their end or if I was just too tired when I watched it.

Anyway, those of you familiar with Urusei Yatsura will likely notice design elements lifted from that series even in this very page. As I’ve said before, Rumiko Takahashi’s work was an influence on me for a long time.