639 Underwhere.


So…  Dragon Quest IX.  Heck of a game.  Has a nice DQ8 feel to it, while being different in good ways.  It has a sort of Monster Hunter style multiplayer thing.  Well, at least in so far as you can go into someone else’s game and help out.  I will likely not be able to ever make use of it, but I bet it would be cool…  T^T

You get to make your characters.  All of them if you want to.  The choices are kind of limited, but I was able to construct a decent Jolene to be my heroin.  When given the chance I added Nina, Carol, and Reggie to the party.  It’s hard to make good male characters.  All the options are super Dragon Ball Z looking.  I mean you can make a fair portion of the cast of DBZ if you were of a mind to.  My cast, not so much.  If you were a big fan of Krillin this is the game for you though.

So far the difficulty curve  is just right.  You need to scrounge for cash from time to time, but don’t have to do it so much that it gets tedious.  In fact, you could play most of the early parts without adding any other party members if you wanted more of a challenge.  Whenever you equip armor or whatever it actually shows on your party.  That’s something I like a lot.  I have this weird desire to play dress up in games.  In fact I’ll sometimes pass up better armor if it looks dumb.  Except for I made Reggie wear a dumb hat for several levels.  XD