1017 Precognition.


The weather’s supposed to get crappy tomorrow and the next day. I’m not fan of inclement weather, but not as much because of the conditions as how they cause people to LOSE THEIR SHIT. In bad weather people seem to forget how to operate their motorvehicles. It is intollerable. I worked in a strip mall at one point. The kind where you can just look out into the parking lot from anyplace in a store. When it would snow it was like having a window to stupidity. If the snow got very deep the mall would spring for a bulldozer, or what have you, to move the snow into piles. Which was good because people would drive their low riding sedans into drifts and get stuck if they didn’t. Of course this led to the uncovered snow melting and refreezing into black ice over the course of an afternoon, so the view became half America’s funniest home videos and half real stories of the highway patrol. One day I watched someone very nearly get run over because they stepped on to the ice, fell down, and then an oncoming car couldn’t stop. Of course if they hadn’t been able to slide away they could have just put their feet out and let the force of the car hockey them to safety. I watched a car speeding across the lot hit a parking stopper because they forgot they were under the snow presumably. It kept on going after it bounced up, but you could see a trail of fluids even from as far awat as I was. It clearly cracked something. Not something important enough to stop them fromm speeding, but I bet they had to get the thing serviced in short order. Couldn’t tell you how many minor dings I saw.
I try to stay home if at all possible if the weather is bad. About the only way to go anyplace out here is dirt roads or highway. On dirt roads you get stuck and on the highway people drive like they want to die.

Did I tell you guys I managed to fix that broken portal of power I got with Skylanders Giants 3DS? I had to soldner a wire back to the board, which I’d never done before, but it worked out okay. Now it functions more or less properly. I found a $5 soldering iron so it’s not like it was a lot of added expense and, in theory, I can use it to fix other stuff too. There have certainly been many occasions where I thought I could fix something with a little hot metal, but none was available. Besides, if a thing’s already broken there’s no harm in at least trying to repair it yourself. It’s not like you’re going to make it that much more broken.

I watched several how to videos before I started. The net is pretty handy if you want to learn simple repairs anymore. I took my DS completely apart and fixed a shoulder button after watching a video on youtube. It worked better after I messed with it then it did the day I got it… Wich is kind of sad. There was one scary part where I had to dislodge a wire from the connector. the video said it could be stuck on really tight and cause a problem, but mine practically fell out. Which makes me wonder if that was part of the problem all along. It didn’t seem to be seated well at all. Anyway, I’m sure I talked about that already. I didn’t even need my special screwdrivers to open the DS. I guess they went with regular screws for some reason. Maybe they finally just gave up on trying to keep people from moddin their shit.