1392 Balanced Breakfast.


No one is going to be surprised when I say I like these sort of fashion panel pages. Even though color is not necessarily my strong suit. Don’t worry I’ll make a full size version of Nina for you to use as wallpaper. I’ll probably make an alternate version for my Patreon supporters. Which I did with the last panel of Alex from a couple of pages ago. I edited it into a summer fun scene. The link is Nina on the side, as always, if you want to check that out.
I originally tried to see if I could make Nina’s running gear look like Rainbow Brite’s uniform, but it’s a really busy design and doesn’t lend itself to sport. The shoes are kind of a nod to the aesthetic of the 80s, but I made them too normal to make them stand out in that way. Whatever though, it’s fine.

Nobody entered my Amiibo contest. I forgot to write about it earlier because… nobody entered. It makes me think that perhaps the value of Amiibos is much lower than ebay makes it seem. I decided to give Marth to the only person who had art ready for today. If any of you who made trade offers are interested in selling let me know. If you can do better than ebay I might be interested.

The auction for the drawing of Carol ends on Sunday, I think. It’s getting pretty crazy though. I think she beat Brooksie in the first day and then everyone started the long wait… Since Carol is so strident she doesn’t get the kind of constant praise Jo does, so it’s easy for me to think that Jo is the more popular of the two. It’s kind of a hard metric to pin down since not everyone sees the world in terms of that sort of contest.

I haven’t decided who is going next. I was thinking Reggie, because I have a soft spot in my heart for the little bastard. What do you guys think? It’s tempting to just stick with the girls since they are so much more popular. After I do the regular cast I was thinking of doing them in some sort of cohesive set. Like everyone wears bunny costumes or something. Cat ears. Just a thought.

I ordered some new pens with the money from some of the older ones so I could make the newer ones better. My other markers wore out halfway through Carol. XD I liked the hand drawn picture so well that I took a photo and made a version that I can make a print of. I’d like it for my wall. If I do it I’ll get you guys a link in case you want one too.

And now, because my friend Jack asked for it…
Teen Corner
hello world of internet guess who!! bet you cant guess that’s right its me the TEEN!! I have returned for well awhile at least. not sure any of you particularly care but oh well. so yesterday I went to the carnival and guess what it sucked because I’m too fat to fit on a lot of the rides well I have words for you carnival ride inventers we aren’t all a size 11 yes I am big yes I like food a bit to much and I have gained some weight since I moved to Colorado but honestly us fat people should be allowed to enjoy carnivals to! who’s with me? fatties unite! lolol just kidding there was my little rant for the day anyways it was still alright I won a little stuffed zebra and a pig so that was fun. I got made of by the carnie guy at the carnival because I couldn’t fit on the ride in my mind I was like got a problem chubbs? you couldn’t handle all a dis! apparently my inner self cant use proper grammar. haha school is now out so I can write more and bug Jackie lots so that’s fun. I had a sleepover the other night 8 people in my tiny room that went well we ended up migrating to the living room with my mattress and passing out it was pretty uneventful. Then today I attempted to dye my hair blonde which did not go well so I will be attempting to fix it tomorrow fun hair times. I am kidnapping my friend, as Jackie calls her, Rainbow Dash for a week. She is on her way as we speak so that’s exciting. other than that I am sleeping eating and terrorizing all who approach me XD hope you enjoyed my not so exciting stories see ya next time well more like write ya next time! goodnight all from the very tired and bored teen