1391 Morning Glory.


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This story idea is OLD. It goes all the way back to the conception of the strip. I wanted to have several threads work out well before I ever needed them, so I wrote more than I needed. Since then I’ve explored some stuff I didn’t plan on, but it’s all worked out just fine and now we can get back on to this particular track.

True to her character Jess isn’t bothered by the idea of answering the door in her smallclothes. In fact the characters are generally okay with their bodies. Of course if I looked as good as they do I’d be okay with mine too. I mean some of them have expressed issues, but on balance the cast is comfortable in themselves. I suspect that Mike worries about his weight, but it’s never come up. Carol does too a bit, but also revels in the advantages that being bigger has given her. Jolene would like some more boob if anyone has some to spare, but she’s hardly obsessed with it. Ed is about as bad as it gets because he’s very sensitive about his height. Apart from that though he’s fine. He’s a buff little nerd with a good mind. What’s not to like?

The day I’m typing this is the last day of school for the Teen. She is having a slumber party. So I am holed up in my room, far from that potential disaster. At this point I’m just waiting for the sounds of food being delivered. After the ruckus fades I’ll make a run for it under the cover of darkness, or blankets. Whatever is handy.