1393 Bad Sister.


Today’s page is experimental. If nobody notices what I did I might just keep doing it. If everyone does I’ll go back to the old way. I’m on the fence about which way I want it to go.

And now a brief note about criticism. If you have something constructive to tell me it doesn’t bother me. Even if I may not agree with you. That said, if you couch your statement in misogynistic, racist, or bigoted, talk I am not going to listen to you. End of line.

Oaky, so, this week for ebay I decided to go with Reggie. I know that might seem insane, but hear me out. Reggie is super important to the comic, even though he’s kind of a douche. I don’t have a super clear idea about how the boys fall popularity wise. It’s possible that people still hate Reggie outright, in spite of his many layers. No matter how you look at thing though, he’s part of the family. Maybe he’s the bratty brother, or the racist grandpa, but he’s still part of it. I’m giving him his shop before, say, Ed, because I have a backup just in case nobody wants him. Anyway, here is his listing. LINK

I got to play Splatoon this weekend in their test run and I really liked it. I want it on day one, but I also have other things to buy, so I made this LINK to help offset the cost. Even more than the other drawings I’ve sold this is one of a kind. It’s pretty unlikely that I’ll ever do another one of these. If there is enough interest I might do one for Carol, Nina, or whoever gets asked for, but I doubt that’s going to happen. Anyway, here’s hoping someone wants these. XD

I’ve actually reached a point where I’ve got so much work to do, and requests for work, that it’s getting unruly. It’s not really a problem when you think about it. I mean I want people to want me to work and I’m glad I’m not having the opposite problem, but I wish I didn’t have to make people wait. Of course I’m only human so I guess people will have to understand that if there’s a waiting list there’s nothing that can be done about it. I do work in the order it’s received unless the job is super small and I can stick it in early. Basically I respect the order of a line. XD

Also, the patreon has a special version of this desktop. Link