1394 Too Damn Sexy.


A few people noticed what I changed about the comic on the last page and everyone else came up with some real illuminati type theories about what I’d done. Just so you know, I changed the text bubbles to a traditional style instead of the black line ones I’ve used since the start. Since the majority of people paid it no mind at all I think I’ll just keep doing it. Making them the old way is harder and takes more time.

I sent a ton of stuff out today. Almost every patron who wanted a drawing got theirs sent. Only two remain. The winner of Carol’s picture was one of those, so he got two things. Hopefully I didn’t screw up what went to who, but I labeled everything so it should be fine.

A couple of people sent me fanart since I didn’t get any for the amiibo contest. When I have some time I’ll post them on Tumblr or whatever. I reblogged one because the artist already posted it but had the presence of mind to put between failures in the tags.

I was also just fucking with you guys when I said there was already a moment where Ed found out about Jess and Jo. There are moments where he could have started doing the math, but no actual scene where that exact thing happens. I was just being a dick. I didn’t show it so I could have this scene happen without it seeming like it had happened before, and it could happen in front of Nina. I think it’s safe to assume that Ed knows his sister’s modus operandi well enough to have figured things out and talked to her about it.

As for Nina she’s playing it cool in front of the new person, but I think it’s also safe to say that her wheels are turning, and she’s very pleased about this information which just fell into her lap.

I’m putting up a lot of random things on eBay as I come across things I want to get rid of. If you’re in to that follow my account, or whatever the ebay equivalent is for that. Eventually I’ll get to my old comic and game stuff. Right at the moment I’m at the very edge of my pile of junk. LINK I haven’t had time to mess with anything that isn’t within arms reach, but there’s some Star Wars stuff I’m gonna sell and some Transformers I don’t need anymore as well. I might sell my Halo edition Xbox, because I’m pretty sure I’ll never go back to it at this point, but I haven’t decided. I really wish I could transfer the saves off it somehow. My old KOTOR and Fable games are on it. I was never a huge Halo fan though. I just like green things.

I’m giving some real thought to getting rid of my NES and SNES Mega Man Collection, but that’s going to require some weighing of pros and cons. No port has managed to capture the proper feel of playing these games on the actual system they were created for. It’s not like I ever play them though. I only really enjoyed playing Mega Man 2 repeatedly. The others were mostly fun for the one or two playthroughs, but I never felt like going back to them. Well, 4 sometimes. I played Megaman X over and over too, but the rest of them lacked the perfect feel of the first.

Most of my old games are really only of value to a collector of games. The average person can get most of them as ports on other systems now. I’m basically selling really nice, old, boxes… with the game inside. Now that you can pretty much get any game on any platform now the reason I kept these games in such nice shape doesn’t really apply anymore. Fear of never being able to play something again isn’t an issue so much now. There’s, like, 6 versions of Final Fantasy available that are all superior to the original. I even got it for my iPad once when it was on sale for a dollar, or something. I learned pretty quickly that games not designed with touch controls in mind rarely translate well to those sorts of devices… Not that it matter in the case of Final Fantasy, because I have it for PS1, PSP, and possibly GBA. I honestly can’t remember if they ported it or not. If they did I suspect I bought it because I am an idiot who enjoys doing the same things over and over.

Dawn of souls! That’s the GBA port of FF1 and 2. I remember it being really good in fact. Just came to me. One was better than 2 in many ways…

I’m not sure if I have any N64 games worth selling. Even with intact boxes the pickings were slim. I think getting rid of Ogre Battle 64 pretty much sealed the deal on that system. Much like with the PS1 and on. Having the jewel cases led to a lot of copies surviving in nice shape. With the download services for new systems old disc games are just pretty coasters.

Anyway, I guess we’ll just see what happens. A lot of that stuff is just taking up space and the emotional attachments I once had have worn thin. Modern games are where it’s at. Also Legos, which are timeless.

Are any of you guys going to get Splatoon? I don’t know if friend groups will be a thing, but I’m actually going to try and make time to play it instead of letting it collect dust like Mario Kart 8 and Smash Wii. The random groups with no group chat kind of work for me in the online mode.