1395 Frustrated Incorporated.


The teen has decided that she wants me to ebay some of her stuff now. She started with shoes of all things. I don’t know shit about how you’re supposed to sell used shoes. Of course, these things have been worn maybe once by the look of them. Still, maybe some cash is still in them someplace. I think I’ll just try and look them up and see what the baseline is for lightly used shoes, then see what an $X or best offer sale gets us. I wonder what it costs to ship shoes…

My protector thing for my phone broke the other day so now it’s naked. Like all iphones it’s frictionless, so it’s always trying to slide everyplace. I went to get another cheap replacement, but they didn’t have a single one at the store. It’s all about sixes now. Maybe I should just slap some grip tape on it tony hawk style.

The AC broke and it’s going to be a while till it’s fixed. Before it was still pretty cold, but today it decided to turn of the heat Guy Fieri style. My room is alreadyt the hottest in the house and once you turn on the computer, forget about it. So I’ve been waiting till night falls to do everything. It doesn’t help a lot, but my PC stopped bursting into an open flame.

The AC unit is super old so the repair guys for our house group thingy want to tear it out and get a new one, which is too much monies. So dad has been looking for skilled laborers to do surgery on it. It’s rusted out in a few places where water is supposed to gather. Last year dad took a caulking gun to it, which worked, although it was an inelegant repair. If I had the time to read up on the thing I feel like I could repair it. It looks relatively simple in the way all archaic technology does.

I guess I should provide links to the various auctions I have going. I think I might start sticking them at the bottom so that people who don’t care about that stuff can get to it and just skip it. I’m not convinced that any portion of my audience is interested in random shoes and/or toys that I’m peddling.

I’ll just make these words a link.