1396 Kiss The Girl.


I ended up at the store this evening. I was only going to get detergent. When I left I had a cart full of random crap the kid insisted she and Rainbow Dash needed, to the tune of $70. How do people have children? Their an incredible drain on resources…

The Teen insisted that we buy a bra to replace Rainbow Dash’s one, which apparently there is only one of, and is falling apart. So I got to bra shop for quite some time. Which I why this post is going up with such a small post underneath. No one can say that when breasts need support I wasn’t there to help.

Everything after this sentence was added after the initial post.

Ed is the next up for auction. link

The other arts did well, even Reggie brought a normal amount of money, which makes me happy because people like him in spite of, or possibly because of, his flaws.

By the way, if you win anything of mine that’s just a regular item, if you tell me your favorite character from the comic in a note on ebay when you win, I’ll draw a little drawing of them and stick it in the box too.