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If you played the early Final Fantasy games watch this.
(Fair warning the one for 5 gets really lazy with the gay jokes.)

You guys have lots of opinions about comics. I guess that makes sense though. You’re reading this, so yeah. I entertain the idea of getting back in to Marvel & DC stuff, but with One Punch Man, My Hero Academia, One Piece, and Vinland saga it’s already pretty pricey. Last time I checked it was, like, 3 bucks for 20 pages of American comics & it’s 7 for 300 or something of manga. Anyway I should probably look it up at some point and see what’s going on.
I try to actually buy stuff instead of pirating it, even if it’s Marvel and they have all the money, & DC… just needs help.

I don’t remember who brought up the Patreon pricing but it was a few days ago & I suddenly remembered it. There’s one tier for everyone basically because I don’t have anything else to offer. I don’t like locking stuff away from everyone anyway. You can pledge as much as you want but everyone gets the same thing because a dollar a month is sustainable for almost anyone. I mean I’m still a capitalist, but I actually try to make it so even someone who has fallen on hard times can support my work if they want & everyone gets to share when I can make something extra. Most of the time I’m just struggling to make anything at all. I stopped talking about it because it was getting tedious, but I almost always feel like crap. Other artists get the big money because they can somehow produce stuff constantly. I can’t. I struggle. I’ve never recovered from my time in the hospital, so every day is me just keeping up as best I can.

Honestly, the QC patreon strikes me as greedy. I’ve always given access to myself and what I do freely because I genuinely like connecting with readers. The Discord server has been really cool for that, although I think knowing me so well ruins my work for some people. Or at least changes their perspective by humanizing me. Like, having a tier for asking questions is fucking insane to me. I’m right here. Ask me a question and I’ll answer it. You don’t need to pay me for that. Shit, if you want me to draw you in my style I offer that for everyone at the dollar level. $100 for that? That’s fucking mental. I would feel like a thief if I tried that. I just want enough money to live a decent life. I don’t want to make other people’s lives worse by taking ridiculous sums from them… I don’t know. Is it crazy not to want ALL the money. I guess I’m always going to live with this weird battle between thinking capitalism being the way to go while also trying to give everyone a fair shot at enjoying everything I have to offer. I really appreciate that so many people pledge above the dollar amount, and I appreciate that they contribute without complaining that even the people who pledge the minimum get all the rewards. I made a patreon exclusive area of the discord server, but the open places are where almost all the action is. Things are better when more people can enjoy things together. Maybe that’s too idealistic. I mean, I’m the first to say “pay me” if someone tries to get free work out of me, but I also talk myself down to really low commission prices & stuff because I want people to get what they want. I’m sure I get taken advantage of because of it a lot of times, but I guess I don’t have that kind of killer instinct that successful business people have. I want enough for me and for everyone else to have enough too.
All I know is I’m tired, my body hurts, but I’m still managing to keep up. Whoever suggested the patreon link in the blog posts was right though. There were a lot of new people this month & that’s all I did differently as far as I know. I don’t know what I could lock off that I haven’t already established as a regular feature. I mean, I’m finishing the pages the evening they go up. Getting them early would be, like, less than an hour in some cases. I’m already so open with everything there’s no reason to even to a Q&A every month. My world isn’t that complex anyway. I don’t have magic, or robots, to explain the deeper societal ramifications of.

Anyway I’m open to suggestions, and I genuinely do appreciate that people think I could get more money out of patreon, I just struggle with the ideas on a personal moral level. I know that must sound strange coming from someone with such a fluid sense of what morality is, but it is sincere. My nature is to just give freely & that’s always going to basically equate to me screwing myself out of riches.