1263 Sea World.


This page made me laugh more than any I’ve made in a long time. When I realized what I could name the page, and the layers of wordplay it entails, it was almost too much.

Also, before anyone says anything about it, I suspect Carol knows that whales are mammals. Although it’s never been established that Oon is actually an Earth creature or not. He might actually be a fish that just happens to look insanely similar to Earth whales. In spite of me writing this someone IS going to comment about the whale mammal thing. Nerd pedantry DEMANDS it. While they won’t take the time to read the blog they will take the time to correct this “error”. In fact, I’ll be surprised if no one says anything about it. I almost with I had some kind of award for being the person who does it first…

Anyway, this comic kind of boils down why Mass Effect is so popular across the board. Good writing. Even characters you don’t like are compelling and the ones you do like… you would do anything for them. In the first game when you have to dick over Wrex I was genuinely torn. Wrex was a great character on so many levels. Having to hurt him was a shame. That moment basically led to my choices concerning his people. I belived in his ability to write a better future for the Krogans. So much so that I was willing to bet the fate of the galaxy on him. I have yet to see if my choice will have any lasting effects, but I stand by it. I was willing to risk losing out on the Salarians if it meant helping my friend. In the end most of the Salarians thought I was right anyway, so I felt good about saving Commander Kirahee.

I also saved the Geth. In spite of everything that went on with them, when I saw their whole story, or at least what Legion showed me, I decided they got a raw deal. I gave them a chance at peace. I did the same with the Rachni. Hopefully it won’t bite the universe in the ass…

I heard some rumors about a possible Mass Effect 4. Honestly, I’m torn. I would hope that it takes place far enough along that you can’t find all of your old teammates again. Maybe just Liara, since Asari live so long. I think I’d want a clean break from the two storylines. That said, the Mass Effect universe is just too good. A chance to go back in after I finish 3 feels like something I will want. Maybe not right away, but eventually.