1262 Minecraft.


That moment when they can’t pretend they aren’t into it.

I’ve experienced this a few times with girls. I’m not sure what the resistance to enjoying a game is about. Maybe it’s the nerd stigma, maybe it’s that girls aren’t supposed to like video games, I couldn’t tell you. In my experience however, once a girl finds a game she likes the whole world of gaming opens up like some kind of buffet of insanity. Then, of course they start to see the subtle, and not so subtle, sexism, but that’s pretty much how it is for anything. The long and short of things is that getting people of all genders involved in a culture ultimately improves the culture. Unless the point of your culture is segregation, in which case… I don’t think I have any advice for you. In any event the world at large is a lot less judgmental of a girl who likes “boy stuff” than it used to be. Less so of guys who like girly things, but baby steps… baby steps. The teen unashamedly enjoys video games and, for the most part, is immune to the sexism and whatnot that tumblr is obsessed with. She does notice it sometimes, but for the most part she just wants to serve food to virtal patrons, kill zombies, and have pretend fashion shows. Everything else is just in her way and, therefore, unworthy of attention.