1261 Diplomat.


Turning on my PC to post this page is the first time it’s been on in two days. I’ve been on the road a lot. It’s pretty uncommon for me not to at least check my mail when I get home, but I left, got back, went to sleep, got back up, went out again, in rapid succession. All the actual stuff done ran together. It was also horrifyingly hot most of the time. At the moment I feel quite unwell, likely as a result. The reason for the rushing around was that the Teen went to a baseball game very far away. There are many activities that needed doing that she is a detriment to when involved, so we endeavored to complete these tasks while she was away. It is very difficult to bring here some places. Sit down resturants, for example, throw her apparent wolven upbringing into stark contrast. Since we don’t like a lot of spit in our food we quickly learned not to take her to such places.
Never, and I mean never, irritate the people who are making your food. It’s one of my cardinal rules, yet people break it so flippantly I can scarcely believe it sometimes. I’ll give you that poor service certainly should be pointed out, but only after the food is in your hands. Unless your complaint results in a smattering of terminations you can never return to a place where you’ve vociferously complained about food. Complaint, in most circumstances, should generally be done politely, in my opinion, but especially when it comes to food preparation. If you’ve come to the point where your anger takes control be prepared to commit to burning the bridge. Make sure you are willing never to step across the threshold of the establishment again. (Or at least until the turnover replaces all parties involved save oneself. XD)

I feel like Carol is one of those people who’ve consumed a certain amount of unintentional saliva. Her attitude is sometimes more strident than sensible. Ed also strikes me as such a person. They both strike me as people who sometimes forget that it’s important to pick your battles carefully AND consider the timing of said battles.