1361 Throwing Shade.


The Teen wanted to get ice cream this evening. The punishment for this is having to walk around Walmart after with me. It’s a thirty minute drive both ways, so I don’t like just going to town to get one thing. These excursions test her patience with me, since I have to dawdle until I feel like the trip wasn’t a waste. This time she got a box of outdated WWE valentines for a quarter. She also got a Stone Cold Steve Austin dog tag. She wanted John Cena but so far I’ve only produced Steve and Shawn Micheals. Luckily those are two of her favorites.
The Teen came in at the end of Shawn’s career. So she got attached and then he left. I can barely remember what was happening just before he retired. I think he and Edge left at about the same time. He was also a favorite of hers. The WWE has changed a lot since then. It’s not anywhere near as violent as that era.
John Stewart’s appearance on Monday Night Raw was great. He seems to know his stuff. He’s also good on the mic and knows when to get in a low blow. XD look it up on YouTube if you haven’t.

I’m not going to lie to you. I get a kick out of better than you Reggie. He is one of the most entertaining Reggies.