1362 Nitpick.


If you want a desktop of angry Evrina this sentence is the link.

Today is the first day of the Teen’s spring break. I’m worried that the thing that is going to get broken is my sanity. The break encompasses the week of my birthday. (and the birthday of this comic) I think it will be the 9th year for the comic. I suspect someone could check the 20th of March from last year to verify this. Someone usually goes to the trouble of correcting me if I get it wrong.

I’m going to try and get together with my old friends who still live within driving distance of my old town. It will have been years since I’ve seen some of them in person. Unfortunately I think I exceed the weight that I told them if I ever reached they had to kill me. So I may be walking to my doom. I can’t remember what the exact number was anymore. Maybe I should wear something slimming. Although I think I might have to bring a gun too because I’m pretty sure that conversation was a suicide pact…

I had a really strange dream the other night. I was trying to teach the Teen how to drive. We were using a huge, government style SUV. It was all black and very imposing. At one point she made a mistake and before I could even correct her she just flipped out and started panicking. Arm flailing, shrill screaming, panic. She somehow managed to get the SUV stuck driving backwards in a tight circle, at high speed. I’m trying to tell her what to do to stop it, but she just balls up on the seat and keeps wailing. So eventually I have to shove her over and take the wheel myself. I get the thing back under control and start driving, trying to figure out what the problem was, when suddenly I have to weave through all these horses all over the road. I wake up just after I finally hit one.