565 Public Disaster.


I still haven’t found a good deal on an old GBA, just in case you were wondering.  I’ve noticed that the value of one drops by an order of magnitude when they don’t have a battery cover though.  XD  It seems sill on the one hand, but it really is annoying not having one.  Nintendo sold about a billion of the damn things.  It’s a testament to a quality product that no one want to part with theirs.

I’m not sure how many of you are old enough to remember the first Gameboy.  I got mine not long after they came out.  I expect for Christmas, but I really can’t remember for sure now.  I think they all came with Tetris, but I’m not sure anymore.  I’m fairly certain I still have the box someplace though.  This probably won’t mean anything to the youngest among you, but it’s an illustration of how well I take care of my stuff.  My Gameboy still has the link port cover.  If you never had a Gameboy that, of course, means nothing to you.  They stopped putting covers on port holes after the first generation.  Probably because only the most anal of people could actually keep track of the damn things.  They aren’t attatched, and they don’t snap in very tight.  Pretty much picking a Gameboy up was enough to make the cover fall off, but somehow I managed to keep mine intact.

The system itself still looks pretty good considering how many places it’s been.  It’s only now beginning to get that discoloration plastic exhibits as it ages.  My SNES actually looks worse for whatever reason.  I’m not sure when it started but it went from gray to smoker’s teeth at some point and nothing could stop it that I know of.  XD

The most damage done to my Gameboy I did myself.  My initials are carved in the back, because I was obsessed with people knowing what stuff was mine at that age, I guess.  Clearly I hadn’t considered that a thief wouldn’t care that his initials weren’t on a stolen game system.  X]    I wonder in Nintendo still has replacement parts for these things.  I should replace the screen cover.  For old time’s sake, you know?