418 Burning Down The House.


I’m assuming that since I couldn’t access the website yesterday that no one else could either. Clearly, if you’re reading this, it’s back now. There’s a pretty good chance that I still don’t know why. I certainly don’t know why it’s broken in the now, when I’m writing this. My knowledge of how exactly my site exists is something akin to the way the druids understood the universe. Everything seems to run by the will of the gods, and when something goes wrong there’s little I can do apart from sacrificing a goat.

The problems with the site outages have been compounded by my service provider’s general inability to provide me with internet service. Unfortunately since there’s only one game in town they can afford to suck without explanation.

Anyway, I’m trying to figure out what the problem is. Hopefully I’ll be able to muddle through and we can go back to having the site up all the time, with no problems whatever.

I’m also going to the dentist on Tuesday the 24th. This means, of course, that those of you in the know can expect to see me in the city sometime on that day.