417 Tenderheart.


So, Fire Emblem for the DS is finally coming to me.  Well, not me specifically, but I’ll get it, as will many others, I expect.  It’s a remake of the first one for the NES, unless I’m greatly mistaken.  This pleases me.  Zac & I played the hell out of those games, but only Zac did it while driving.  I’m not that hardcore.  In any event, I’m more than a little excited to play Marth’s story.  Truthfully though, it could be any story.  I just really like the gameplay.  If the story is good then that’s a little bonus for me. 

Advance Wars: Days Of Ruin had a crappy story,with characters I didn’t like, but I still had a good time since the gameplay was intact.  I hope they make a new Advance Wars, but do something different with the story.  Fire Emblem is close enough to keep me happy till I get a new Advance Wars. 

I have the Fire Emblem for the Gamecube, but not the Wii.  At some point I’ll need to get it, but it’s not priority since I haven’t finished the GC one.  I just have a hard time convincing myself to sit down and play one of those games on a console.  I’ll break one out on a handheld at the drop of a hat, but there’s something too involved about sitting in front of a tv specifically to play Fire Emblem.  It’s not like the graphics are better by orders of magnitude.  Still, I need to make sure I don’t miss out on the Wii Fire Emblem by waiting too long.  I keep hoping that I’ll see it in a discount bin, but it’s directly from Nintendo, who are loathe to lower their prices. 

I can wait you out Nintendo.