1242 Ayup.


This is a big game weekend. At midnight Mario Kart 8 goes live… So by, what? Tomorrow night I could be playing it? I have no idea what a full game download will be like on the WiiU. I’m hoping it’s not as bad as I’m expecting, but I have a feeling Nintendo is not prepared. They have never been prepared as far as online stuff is concerned. The servers will probably be destroyed within a few minutes of going live. They will apologize and we’ll actually get the game in a couple of days. That is my worst case scenario. Although I might also throw in having our eshop accounts corrupted resulting in our systems being given a wipe all content command, which is what happened the last time Nintendo tried to do something internet related. To me anyway. I might just disconnect my 3DS from the internet for a day or so, just to keep my Animal Crossing town safe.

The other big game, in my opinion, is actually just DLC for State Of Decay. It looks to be just as big an experience as the actual game though and it’s only $7. That game has been nothing but an excellent value for me. When the Mario Kart thing goes south I will, potentially, have State Of Decay to fall back on. Of course I may not actually have time to play anything after actually getting them downloaded. I have a birthday event to go to on Sunday, so I need to make sure next week’s stuff is ready well in advance.

Anyway, the Teen and Raindow Dash want to play video games, so I’m moving the WiiU in there for now. Catch you all on Monday if I don’t catch you before. Also, if you have a WiiU let me know. Maybe we can play Mario Kart together. I don’t know if that’s an option yet, but it seems likely.