1950 Hyuck.


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My surface is slowly, but undeniably beginning to wear out. The newest problem is the keyboard cover. The space bar only works sometimes now.
It’s not a huge issue, but the thing is, like, $100 by itself. I’mpretty sure it’s compatible with the new versions,so I could buy a new one and then keep using it when I replacethe Surface itself. Alternately I could try to repair it. It might be something I can fix myself. Get another couple of years out of it. I’ll probably trythat first,or at least look in to it rather than just doing it and risk completely ruining it before I can get another. Also I’m not100% sure they’re forward compatible. In any case I’m on the lookout for deals. This time I’m going to get a new one with enough power that I can potentially use it for another ten years without having to replace it. This one is around 7 years old and if it weren’t for a few worrying things I wouldn’t bother replacing it. The software I use to work barely taxes it at all. It’s everything else that’s the issue. Part of why I switched to Clip Studio is that it can do the same stuff as photoshop without taxing resources constantly. Plus it was made for comics rather than being a total image utility software. I’m never going to attain a levelof skill where I’m going to need the raw power of photoshop.

Anyway, I want the best everything I can get from a Surface. It’s a sound investment. You’ll never go wrong by buying quality tools to work with. This Surface has paid for itself a hundred times over at least. It let me work no matter where I was. If you’re thinking of starting a comic you could do worse than a second hand Surface and Clip Studio as a budget way to break in.