1949 Garbage Pail Kids.


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I can’t even begin to count the number of times I got complained to over toilet paper quality at work. Public toilets are a necessary evil. If you don’t have them I really think a surprisingly large number of people would just shit on the floor, like animals. I get it though, sometimes you just get hit with something and are caught out. You can’t have luxury toilets though or people would try to live in them, or steal your paper rolls. Hell, they’ll steal the cheap ones if you let them.
I remember once, after cleaning the restrooms at the midday time, a lady flagged me down as I was walking to the office. (they shared a corridor.) She was like “Someone smeared shit all over the walls! You really need to take better care of your restrooms!” And I was like “I just cleaned them, you were the fist person to use the ladies room.” All the color drained from her face, but she got control of herself and denied it. But I was like “It couldn’t’ve been anyone else. They’d’ve had to pass me to get here & you’re the only one who did.” Then there was a moment where she was clearly deciding if she was going to double down, but she caved & stormed off. I have no idea how we wronged her, or if she just wanted to literally give someone shit for no reason, but she had smeared feces all over the walls. What’s worse was she had obviously used HER BARE FINGERS. Additionally, she looked like any regular nondescript white lady. Just an NPC set into the game to give someone a quest. The clean the restroom quest.

The coffee thing is a real thing too. It happened all the time. We used to set out free coffee every day in the books section. 3 different kinds. I had the same conversation about coffee with so many different people. There was never the right flavor, or enough, or it wasn’t fresh, or whatever. It’s free fucking coffee. Plus I never saw anyone who drank the coffee actually buy a fucking book, or anything for that matter. They’d just leave piles of books on the table for us to put back after they were done. I don’t know if the free coffee ploy worked in other stores, or other towns, but it sure didn’t seem to be working in ours. It’s not like I was always in the store, maybe I just worked at times when assholes wanted coffee.