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This got posted a little late because I fell asleep after dinner. My sleep schedule is reversed so I usually wake up officially at 5:30PM and start my “day” by making dinner for my dad. I still take my pills as though I’m going to be awake in the daylight though. So I set an alarm for them. Usually I go to the bathroom when I wake up to take them. I also sleep on the floor most of the time because of my back, which makes it so the dogs can get on me & snuggle into my blankets. So I have to be careful not to step on Sister since she likes sleeping behind me. This morning I stepped to avoid her & tripped myself somehow. I wasn’t going to fall all the way down & usually I wouldjust put my hand on the corner of the wall & stand on one foot, but for some reason, instead of doing that, in my stupor I braced my off hand against my wrist and fell into the corner of the wall right in the center of my right forearm. I regained my balance after that & didn’t fall all the way over. In the moment it didn’t even hurt, but after a few moments the signal reached my brain & it hurt so bad I silently screamed for several seconds. I genuinely thought I had broken my arm. Once I gotover the initial shock my arm went numb fromthat surge of adrenalin you get right after you hurt yourself. So I checked it. As far as I can tell it’s justreally badly bruised.I don’t think the boneis damaged at all. There’s a huge bump but that’s all. Long story short it disrupted my sleep so I was tired after making dinner and fell asleep. The comic was basically finished I just hadn’t fixed onething and posted it. I’m also not goingto keep fighting my broken keyboard. Iexpect you can add spaces in your brain to read this. Hopefully my armwontbe sosoretomorrow that itimpedes my work. fingerscrossed.