1363 LAFS.


I wrote so much more of this Reggie backstory than you guys are getting to see. The first draft of this flashback was the better part of the week they spent together. If I ever get this comic made into a cartoon this section will go even longer than it already is, just to I can tell this whirlwind romance the way I told myself in my head. XD This furry stuff is going so long that I’m really starting to miss the other cast members though. I just wanted to tell it without breaking away, but the switching back and forth is part of how I kept that from happening for myself as much as you guys. I’ve basically decided to break it into two parts and come back to it after some more from everybody else. John is going to get dicked over in the deal as well because his story is getting put off till later. So that’s fitting for him… XD I know that it’s the right thing to do for the comic, but it feels like kind of a dick move after promising john a moment in the spotlight. A moment he’s still getting, just a little bit down the road.

This editorial descision is actually going to play out really well I think. I will be able to explore some stuff I wanted to with Mike now. As well as several other things all woven in to the story of Reggie and John stumbling into this new group of people. So I hope you guys enjoy it. It’s still going to take a while to tie up Reggie’s tale, but that’s my plan anyway. Hopefully i’ll have picked enough bits out of his story out to make it feel like he had a deep connection with this girl right away. I got really nostalgic writing this scene to the point of actually making myself really depressed. Generally I’m not a super nostalgic person anymore, but I still have some antiquated ideas about romance that I just can’t let go.

I still want to have a fated meeting where I find the love of my life in some perfect moment I’ll remember forever. The rational part of my brain thinks that’s basically impossible, but the romantic part refuses to tolerate that noise.