1364 Veronica.


A few of you were on the cusp of figuring this out, but fell just shy of it. I went with this and not some other, more soap opera idea, because it makes more logical sense in the grand scheme of things. Having Reggie’s first be somehow connected to the furry club, or even someone in the store would have been hacky. This ties his story together in a nice way.

It should also be noted that Reggie is leaving out a lot of information that he doesn’t think is important to, or the business of, strangers. The age of his uncle in relation to veronica’s sister, for example, is left out of his tale. It’s safe to say that difference in ages is greater between his uncle and his uncle’s bride than said bride and Reggie.

These are breadcrumbs on the trail. Things that seem insignificant, or at least of minor significance, now, but may become important much later on. I’m only calling attention to these things in the blog for the benefit of the hardcore readers who like putting the bread back together as I crumble it.


My sleep has not been right since the sleep study. It is erratic, in all aspects, save one. I do not feel like I’ve slept after I’m “done”. What the connection is between the two I know not, or even if there is one for that matter. I just know that was when I noticed it happening. While my body is ready to go when I wake up, and I do have a period of time when my mind is sharp, it deteriorates into a sleepy haze and all tasks suffer. My brain wants the restorative sleep that it isn’t getting, but I don’t know what I need to do to make it happen. I suspect that my allergies are involved, but my medication interacts with the stuff I used to use to deal with them.

So here I am. Still in this sleep limbo. Waiting to hear something from the medical professionals.

I also think I’m not letting myself have enough down time. I always feel more balanced when I have a game I can get lost in for a little while every day, but I’ve been skipping that time in favor of other goals for a while now. I think my brain needs some decompression time.

Or maybe it’s something else. I’ve been having little bouts of really intense depression that fade after a couple of hours. Like little tastes of the really bad stuff I had a few years ago. Where I loose all interest in everything and just sort of exist. It makes me think of a record player that loses power. You hear the music, then the power is cut and it kind of slows to a distorted crawl, but before the music stops completely the power comes back and it gradually picks back up to normal.

I’ve suspected for quite some time that my allergies are connected to depression in some way. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before. Not having a way to counter the allergies seems to contributing to the issue. I’m going to call someone and ask about it tomorrow. I would have done it a long time ago, but it didn’t occur to me until yesterday that the constant burning sensation in my eyes wasn’t from the new fan and disrupted sleep.

I finally started watching the second season of The Melancholy Oh Haruhi Suzumiya. It’s… not the… worst? The first 8 episodes are the same events repeating in an “endless summer” for the characters. The same script, over and over with slight changes between them. It’s like a weird study in animation. Doing the same thing different ways to see how the little adjustments effect the mood. It’s also kind of boring. They are basically filler because there wasn’t enough story to make a full season in addition to the movie that was being produced at the same time. As far as I know the other episodes expand on the stories told in season one. The long and short of that means that the two seasons are a total mess chronologically. In spite of all this I still really like Haruhi and it remains one of my favorite shows. Kyon’s internal monologue really makes the show for me. It doesn’t seem like he really has anything better to do, but he’s always annoyed by everything he’s forced into. Which reminds me a lot of myself. XD

The fate of the franchise is kind of up in the air. The writer of the novels has basically flaked out, and the animation studio no longer works on outside properties. Two seasons and a movie may be all Haruhi ever gets. Although I hear that the author has written something focusing on a different character that might get animated. So I guess we’ll see.